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Code: 11053-00

Description: STANDARDS:The instrument is based on the DuNuoy principle and confirms to various National and International standards like IS:6104/1972; ASTM-D-971, 1590, 1331

APPLICATIONS:Surface and Interfacial tension testing has become indispensable to a variety of industries including Paint, Chemicals, Dyes, Coatings,Inks, Plating, Soaps and Detergents, Surfactant, Emulsions, Crude,Transformer oils, Lubricants and many many more. These Tensiometer are also being used in many research & technical centers as an important instrument for scientific studies. The most widely used application being to verify transformer oil condition, by various players in the power distribution and generation fields


*Digital Read Out Of Tension In Dynes/Cm Or Mn/M

*Easy And Quick Change Of Torsion Wire

*Quick And Easy Calibration Even On Field

*Higher / Infinite Range Of Testing

*Can Be Carried Around In The Field

Instrument Size                                :   220mm x 280mm x 340mm

Instrument Size with carrying Case  :   250mm x 350mm x 365mm

Weight of the Instrument                  :   05 kgs.

Weight with carrying case                 :   13Kgs. ‘

CI’ Interfacial tensiometer is supplied complete with

*Power Cord - 1 no.

*Sample Dish - 1 no.

* Platinum Ring 6cm - 1 no.

* Manual - 1 no.

* Carrying Case - 1 no.