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Code: 11060-03

Description: APPLICATION:HP 77 is a highly competitive equipment matching all international specifications. It is acomplete titration equipment for potentiometric titration for both aqueous solutions wi thacid base and no-naqueous solutions such as Perchloric acid and Tetrabutyl Ammonium Hydroxide. Fully computer controlled unit with all operations done using our proprietary software with 21CFR Part 11 compliance, makes this unit ideal for analysis especially within the Pharma industry .

In this model two types of titration are possible,

*POTENTIOMETRY- pH/mV Titration, Redox Titration, EDTA for Metal Ions(Complexometry) Specific Ion Titration, Silver and Silver Alloy Assaying

* AMPEROMETRY- Karl Fisher Titration,Sulpha Drugs Titration (Sodium Nitrite Titration) Iodometric Titration Completely Controlled by PC and menu driven software.

* Measurement Range : 100% of moisture

* Resolution : 0.001ml

* 20ml Three direction burette

* Minimum dosing Volume : 0.001ml

* Titration speed : 1ml/min to 16ml/min.

* Adjustable Stir time : 1 to 99 sec. for complete homogeneity

* end point setting

* Auto Computation & Calculation of moisture in ppm, %,

* In built magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed

Operation on 230V AC mains.