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Code: 10004-XX

Description: A simple yet, highly accurate device for determination of gelation time  of various chemical and pharmaceutical products/formulations. The instrument is designed international guidelines. It consists of a plunger with fixed surface area moving up  as per various and down in the sample. When the sample begins to gel, it hinders the plunger movement.The time from start to this hindrance is determined as the gelation time.


VGT-1   : With a stroke rate of 1 stroke/min

VST-6   : With a stroke rate of 6 stroke/min 

VGT-10 : With a stroke rate of 10 strokes/min

Standard Specifications :

Timer Range                    :    MAX. 99.59 HOURS

Stroke Length                  :    13mm

Paddels                            :    As per Standards

 Working Temp. Range    :    + 150C TO 500 C

Sample Temp. Range      :    UPTO 3000C (To be heated externally)

Load                                :     100 w.

POWER                          :      230V, 50Hz Ac. Single Phase.

Optional Accessories

A. High Temperature Oil Bath - A die pressed bath with digital temperature control and motorised stirring for uniformity. Can Accommodate upto 3 VGT(s)

B. SS Test Plungers - 16/19/22 dia

C. Glass Test Plungers - 16/19/22 dia

D.  Aluminium Test Plungers

E. Glass Sample Cups

F. Liquid free metal heating block for single test